101 Goals In 1001 Days

After being inspired by my friends in Pursuit 31, I convinced Jason that we needed to make a 101 things to do in 1001 days list.  Some of these items are for both of us, and some will obviously be for one or the other of us.  I’ve indicated those with a “J” or “A”.  Here’s our list!  Our official start day is September 1, 2011 and we have until May 29, 2014 to accomplish it!  If you see an item you can help us with, let me know!  We will gladly trade out our photography services if you can hook us up.  Email us for details.  Right now, all session fees are going towards knocking off goal #1!

  1. Pay off all debt and refinance the house
  2. Go to Disney World with the kids
  3. Upgrade to a D600
  4. Drive the Dragon’s Tail on a sport bike
  5. Attend a Cards/Cubs game at Busch Stadium with Matt & Steph Polites {4.15.12}
  6. Attend a Cards/Cubs game at Wrigley Field with Matt & Steph Polites
  7. Eat at every self-serve yogurt place in Springfield in one day with Brandon Hedgpeth (J)
  8. Star Wars Marathon with the Henderson’s
  9. Visit Nate Dodd wherever he may be at the time
  10. Visit Jonathan & Susie Stratton in St. Louis and go to Botanical Gardens
  11. Go to the Final Four
  12. Fix dinner for my grandparents (A)
  13. Take John and Debbie Lindell out for dinner
  14. Visit John and Shannon Hurliman in Denver
  15. Do a century ride with Brandon Cottey on a fixed-gear (J) {10.15.11}
  16. Spend the day antique shopping with Mom & Dad (A)
  17. Three Stooges Marathon with Dad (J)
  18. Plant a rose garden in the back yard
  19. Expand the back deck and put in a patio and fire pit in the backyard {fire pit built 4.8.12}
  20. Go horse back riding {5.19.12}
  21. Take the kids to see the ocean
  22. Go to a “star party” (J)
  23. Do a day-in-the-life photo shoot with both grandmothers (J)
  24. Ride the Katy Trail with Jonathan (J) {May 29-31, 2012}
  25. Go to a Pursuit 31 Retreat (A)  {July 11th, 2012}
  26. Plant an herb garden {June 2, 2012}
  27. Learn the art of bonzi (J)
  28. Visit Alan & Heather Bixler in Florida
  29. Shoot a deer with Ray Phillips
  30. Finish a coloring book
  31. Sleep in a tree house
  32. Eat at Bobby Flay’s restaurant in Las Vegas
  33. Spend a weekend with Meghan & Cameron Cushman in KC
  34. Shop Michigan Avenue with Stacey Rhodes
  35. Have a bonfire complete with food, worship, God-talk, and all the kids with Josh & Lindy Burkett
  36. Bless 5 families with a photo session and a framed print
  37. Plant a hydrangea {July 3, 2012}
  38. Go back to Alley Spring and wade in the water
  39. Take A.J. rock climbing
  40. Visit the Biltmore Estate
  41. Go to Mackinaw Island with Jason’s mom
  42. Photograph a bride in a live oak grove
  43. Put an organization system in place in the office
  44. Make a huge leaf collection with the kids
  45. Buy a pair of Nikes {6.28.2012 I walked into Academy Sports with my mind set on Nikes for my birthday and bought a pair of Brooks instead, so I’m calling this one done}
  46. Complete One-year Bible together
  47. Drive an Audi R8 (J)
  48. Get a tatoo
  49. Meet the NYC Bike Snob (J)
  50. Take kids to Dogwood Canyon (this was attempted on May 6, 12, but we had to get a rain check)
  51. Paint a picture with Alice Phillips (J)
  52. Hunt for arrow heads
  53. Shoot a senior girlfriends session on prom night or homecoming in Flora
  54. Paint and tile the kitchen {painting done September 2011}
  55. Visit a Civil War Battlefield with Grandpa (A)
  56. Make business cards for the man who mows our yard
  57. Take the girls to have a “princess” photo session with Kia Bondurant
  58. Family Session with Dawn Shields
  59. Have Greg & Valerie Eastman over for a cookout
  60. Build and give away 3 bicycles (J)
  61. Replace overhead light in the office
  62. Build a workshop in the backyard and set up Grandpa’s framing equipment
  63. Do a sub 14 second 1/4 mile in the Audi (J)
  64. Plant a lilac
  65. Plant a mimosa tree {4.18.12}
  66. Ride in the MS 150
  67. Haul off stuff in the attic and garage {4.28.12}
  68. Find a Life group {10.16.11}
  69. Watch a meteor shower from a roof somewhere
  70. Go camping with Matt & Tally Morris
  71. Go home for Christmas {December 2011}
  72. Shoot (photos) from the sidelines of a basketball game
  73. Try frog legs
  74. Spend a full day at a spa
  75. Spend a day in silence at a monastery (J)
  76. Make a YouTube video explaining the importance and how-to of monitor calibration (J)
  77. Design an album for a bride and be thrilled when she accepts it and makes no changes
  78. Win a print competition at PPA
  79. Learn how to make Italian bread
  80. Be named on someone elses 101 in 1001 list {Charlie & Sarah Hungerford’s #47 June 3, 2012}
  81. Teach Audrey and Alyssa how to ride bikes
  82. Help the kids memorize 101 scriptures {Start date June 5, 2012}
  83. Complete P90x
  84. Sit by the fire all day long doing nothing but watching football and knitting something (uninterrupted) (A)
  85. Figure out how to use Google Reader
  86. Photograph a combine harvesting in Southern Illinois during a sunset
  87. Implement cleanup time after dinner every night for 30 minutes
  88. Implement weekly Wii family game night during the school year {Start date August 16, 2012}
  89. Replace all bathroom towels
  90. Play pinochle with Dad, Aunt Carolyn, and Adrian (A)
  91. Visit the Lincoln Museum with the Rues and the Fords
  92. Drink fresh-squeezed lemonade while watching the kids play in the backyard {5.23.12}
  93. Install a privacy fence
  94. Update all pictures in the house to canvas or Organic Bloom frames
  95. Learn Lightroom {Spring 2012}
  96. Have a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee (J)
  97. Host a Life group {Fall 2011}
  98. Complete all 10 Jillian DVD’s in 1 year (A)
  99. Learn to properly drive the Audi (A)
  100. Complete One Campaign Promise by 1st Sunday in new James River West building – December 9th, 2012!
  101. Praise the Lord and tell everyone when Jason is healed from his pain