ABOUT Jason + Aurelia

We are both originally from Flora, Illinois, were we grew up as backdoor neighbors. We made our way to Springfield, Missouri, by way of Evangel University in 1997.

First date: July 1995 | Married: May 2000

AJ: 2001 | Audrey: 2007 | Alyssa: 2008 (George the Cat: 2007)

We LOVE: Jesus | Our Family | The Church | The Ozark Outdoors | Fellowship & Community

Our priorities are centered on serving the Lord by making disciples of each other, our kids, our family, and our friends. 

Jason is currently serving as the technical advisor and customer service supervisor at Black River Imaging here in Springfield.

Aurelia is the founder and chief editor of The Grace Mask Journal and blog.


If you spend enough time around us you'll most likely hear these phrases over and over...

Jason: "I wonder why..."

Aurelia: "I have an idea..."

Our personalities tend to push us to be creative and spontaneous risk-takers. And while having 3 growing kids has subdued us a bit (we no longer own a motorcycle) we value this faith-filled perspective and believe that God will use it every day in every moment if we focus on honoring Him. 

As a married team our strength is recognizing God at work in any given moment and creatively sharing what we see through stories and imagery.