The Moeller Family

There is no “perfect time” to do a family portrait session.  You just have to schedule it and do it.  As a matter of fact, for most busy families, there is really not even a GOOD time for family pictures.  So often moms and/or dads wait, and wait, and wait and then before you know it, the kids are moving out and you’re left with a bunch of cheap-looking staged shots of your kids as toddlers from a department store.  Or worse, school pictures stacked by year in an 8×10 frame on the wall.   As great as those Santa pictures and school pictures are, they don’t tell stories about your family.  That is not who you are as a family, and your family needs to hear and see WHO they are daily.  There is a great song by Jason Gray that says it well, “Remind Me Who I AM”.   Parents, do your kids know who they are?  Do they see evidence that they belong to YOU?  Don’t leave yourself out of the picture.  Did you know that large prints of your family portraits in the main areas of your home help give the people who live there a sense of belonging and value.  When the entire house looks like chaos with laundry in piles, food on the kitchen counter, toys everywhere, and bills stacked on the desk, you can look up and see your family smiling, happy, and content and know that all is well.


This is the VERY busy Moeller Family, who thought they had no time for family pictures…. I lost count how many times Faith said the words, “I’m so glad we are finally doing this!”  ”We’ve NEVER done this before!”  ”This is the first time we’ve done anything like this as a family.”  As we worked through each pose and scene, it took us about an hour, she was going on and on asking herself, “Why?”  Why have we waited so long for this?  She had no good answer…

But this is what we did for them.  THIS is what we LOVE to do, it’s our passion, our calling, our mission to remind you who you are in Christ through photographs.  By the way, our kids were with us while we were shooting, it’s important for me to note that!


These images were captured on the front porch of the Moeller’s home in Ozark, Missouri.  We just moved a few things around and instantly we had a beautiful background to work with.



Then we walked out to their backyard and captured some more greatness in the cow pasture behind them.  The cows didn’t mind.  It’s not hard to find a beautiful place to shoot portraits when you live in the Ozarks.


Let your kids be themselves… let them be kids.  We let Kate, Tucker, and Nolan choose a pose and prop for a few shots.


Greg & Faith were not hard to work with either.  I think Greg may have actually enjoyed this part a little bit.  ;)


And if you have an old couch sitting around, we’ll find a use for it too!

Find a way to put large prints of your family on the walls of your home.  Your home will be clean and perfect on the walls no matter what is going on everywhere else and you and your kids will be reminded, once again… who they are!  Maybe YOU need to be reminded?  …. 2 Corinthians 5:17.  :)

Love Notes